American shot bar

We have live music every night. Enjoy and join us to sing, play and dance together on our stage.


Huge spectacular three(3) 200-inch projection screens give you various images and vidoes and so impressive.

Easy access

One(1) minute walk from Exit 6 of Akasaka station of Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line. Ten(10) minutes from Akasaka Mitsuke, Eight(8) minutes from Tameike sannou.

Drinks & Foods

Wide selection of Beers, whiskies, cocktails and soft drinks. American style foods, Hamburgers, Pizza, Fried chickens, Fish & chips, salads and more.

Three(3) 200-inch projection screens!!

You will be surprised and impressed with our huge projection screens which is combined with three(3) 200 inch screens when you walk in.
Very unique and unusual time you can enjoy with the screens, music, foods and drinks for night life.


Recommended dishes

We recommend the Ameican style foods. Please try them!!
Amrican size
Big enough!

bluemoon is an American style shot bar.
Unique and unusual good mood with big screens, live music, foods and drinks.

  • Hamburger Yen800

    Juicy beef and fresh vegetable humburger and french fries served with our special tomato sauce.

  • Fish & Chips Yen900

    Big juicy fried fish and french fries served with tartar sauce & lemon.

  • Pizza Yen800

    Home made pizza with salamis, specail tomato sauce, cheese, onions, green pepper and olives.

  • Hot dog Yen900

    Juicy sausage with our special curried vegetable, tomato sauce & mustard.

Bite the monster meat in cartoon, like mammoth meat!!

Everybady ever dreamed to bite the big monster meat in cartoon from their childhood.
We make your dream comes true. Go for a big bite!!!